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How to avoid IE (Internet Explorer) browser from crashing?
(Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes approx, Level= Intermediate User)

This question has been asked several times by a lot of people. Can I stop the Internet Explorer browser from crashing again. Well the answer to it is yes if you know how to safely browse the internet. Internet Explorer browser is really not that bad a browser. Infact I have tried using several other browsers to compare the speeds but finally had to come back to Internet Explorer. Especially the Ctrl+Enter feature of it which automatically prefixes http:// and postfixes .com when you type a website address in the address bar. I just am so used to that feature now that I cannot live without it. (Update 2011- all browsers support that feature)

Now it even has a pop up blocker with Windows XP SP2 update, which works really well. Actually the main reason why Internet Explorer keeps crashing is because more and more websites are becoming increasingly dangerous. They are waiting for you to be infested with spyware and viruses .. Below are a few tips on how to avoid IE browser from crashing:

If your Internet Explorer somehow frequently crashes try the below Internet Explorer repair methods. If you don't want to spend too much time researching and repairing your browser I highly recommend you to download a different browser and see if you are able to browse the internet. At the end of the day a browser is just an application for you to browse the internet be it Internet Explorer or Chrome or Firefox. Click here for more details about the various other browser options you have.


Repair Internet Explorer - IE
(Estimated Time: 5-30 minutes approx, Level= Novice User)

Method 1:

Reinstall Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is listed in the Add/Remove Windows Components part of Add/Remove Programs of Windows XP, but you can only remove access to Internet Explorer from the Start menu and Desktop. After removing try installing it again by selecting it again.

Method 2:

System File Checker
If that doesn't help the other option is to repair Internet Explorer by allowing "sfc"  to check the system files.

Click on Start ----> Run 

Type "sfc /scannow"

Note: You might need the windows XP installation disk with you.

Method 3:

Repairing Winsock
1) Click on Start --> Run and type "cmd" and click OK.
2) At the command prompt type: "netsh winsock reset catalog" and then press Enter
3) At the command prompt type: Exit and then press Enter to exit the Command Prompt Window

Alternatively try installing Winsock Fix available for a free download from the Top 10 Freeware Section

Download Google Chrome

If all methods fail we have another fix for you. Lets just download another browser. Google Chrome is one of the lightweight browsers out there and maybe you might like it over Internet Explorer. Off-late I have been using this browser and it has same great new features.

Click here to go to Google Chrome's website.

Download Firefox

If Google chrome doesn't help then we have another popular browser in the market worth giving a try. It's called Mozilla Firefox. Click here to go to their website and give their browser a try.


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Last updated: August 1, 2011.
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